About Andrew Mezirow

Andrew MezirowA boat captain with more than 30 years running deliveries, research expeditions, passenger tours, and fishing charters alike, Andrew Mezirow currently teaches at the Alaska Maritime Training Center (AVTEC) in Seward. A lifelong seaman, Captain Mezirow gained early experience as a deckhand aboard the world’s largest charter fishing boat, followed by periods as a Relief Captain, Delivery Captain, Chief Officer, and other roles on ships around the world. Along the way, Andrew Mezirow completed a B.S. in Marine Science at The Evergreen State College, earned a wide range of U.S. Coast Guard licenses, and built a thriving business as owner and Captain of Seward-based Crackerjack Sportfishing Charters.

Today, Andrew Mezirow splits his time between responsibilities as operator of the Crackerjack Voyager and Instructor of seafood processing and GPS navigation courses at AVTEC. In addition, Captain Mezirow maintain affiliation with the International Game Fish Association, the National Association of Charter Boat Operators, the Alaska Charter Association, and the Seward Charter Boat Association. He holds a USCG Master “All Oceans” license.


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